A sauna is a lot more than just the luxurious relaxing room that it feels like. The health benefits of spending time inside one are numerous and they include;

  • Removing toxins
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Soothes aching muscles and joints
  • Burns calories
  • Improves overall skin tone

There are a few things that you will need to consider when purchasing a sauna to ensure that you get the perfect one for your individual requirements;

  • The size of the space available to place the sauna
  • How many people you will want to accommodate in the sauna at any one time
  • The overall aesthetics and whether that will suit you and your home
  • What power is used to run the sauna and if it will work with the set up in your home

A sauna is not only a retreat and mini health spa for you and your friends, but it is also a very worthwhile investment as it saves you spending out on pricey spa memberships. Below are seven of the best home saunas currently available.


This 4 person sauna is designed to impress; with an integrated MP3 player and a stylish red cedar wood finish, it ticks all of the right boxes.

You can tell that it is designed with luxury and comfort at the forefront; You can place your towel on the inside towel hooks, comfortably lounge against the backrest whilst reading your favourite magazine from the handy rack which is also situated inside.

The mood lighting, optimised via the inner and outer control panels, ensures that your relaxation is maximised in this high quality sauna which can be operated up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit.


This chic outdoor sauna beautifully mimics a quaint country vibe that will compliment any garden.

The light Canadian hemlock wood material and shingle roof mean that as well as performing with high quality, it also looks like it.

The digital control panel allows you to set this 4 person to retreat to suit your individual needs.

A CD player and AM/FM radio an included inside which means that you can set the mood to compliment any situation. The 4 LED reading light make sure that you can relax with your favourite book with ease.


This is an architectural accomplishment as well as a soothing place to enjoy after a hard day at work; The stylish design and incredibly aesthetic support feet keep moisture from getting to the bottom of the structure.

The Western Canadian red cedar appearance adds to the traditional homely feel, whilst the stainless steel accents bring this design right into the 21st century.

It comes fully equipped with a place for your choice of refreshment and an area for you to cool down after your relaxing stint. Furthermore, this sauna comes with a lifetime guarantee to give you that extra peace of mind.


This stylish and compact 2 person sauna is perfect for inside the home.

Crafted from only the very best Canadian hemlock wood, it will add an air of luxury wherever you choose to situate it. This sauna can literally be installed anywhere in your home, including on carpet so there are no restrictions.

With the option to connect your MP3 player, you can also relax whilst listening to your favourite tracks.

This 2 person sauna can reach temperatures of up to 130 Fahrenheit, so you will get the full range of health benefits from your time spent here.


This 3 person sauna looks fabulous with a Natural Reforested Canadian hemlock wood finish. It includes an FM radio, CD player and an MP3 connection so you can relax to your favourite music whilst reaping all of the health benefits that this sauna offers.


This 3 person luxury and elegant sauna has the very latest in combination heat technology; Meaning that you will reap as many health benefits as usual, whilst having a more economical sauna.

The remote controlled light therapy system adds to your healing experience, whilst the foot reflexology heater ensures that every part of your body is beautifully pampered.


As well as looking fabulous with the hemlock wood finish, this 3 person luxury sauna will fit snuggly into any corner of your home.

A top of the range sound system has been integrated for your listening pleasure, along with backrests and even some deluxe reading lights to ensure that your sauna experience is as calming as possible.

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