TV beds have caught the fancy of both families and individuals who like a personalised cinema viewing experience, without moving out of bed.

Apart from the novelty of the experience, having a TV built right into the bed frame does away with the need for deciding where exactly a stand-alone television should be placed in the bedroom, whether it should be wall-mounted, and all the subsequent angles and lighting issues.

With the TV set safely and stylishly stashed away in the storage area at the foot of the bed, all you need to do is release the set from the storage using the mechanism built into the bed and switch it on to watch a favorite channel, movie, or program.

What to look for when choosing a TV bed

Not all TV beds include a TV as a part of the furniture offering. For all practical purposes, the bed simply has the necessary space and mechanism to hold and store an LED or LCD flat panel television.

This is in a way preferable, for the choice of the television set is left to the preference of the customer. Most TV beds today can support a 32” LCD or LED TV.

Another important factor to note is that not all TV beds offer an electronic or remote controlled release mechanism for the TV set. Those with manual/pneumatic/hydraulic mechanisms too are available, but the price ranges are different.

Let’s take a look at the best TV beds that are worth investing in.

1. Sweet Dreams Mazarine TV Bed

sweet dreams tv bed

Simple, stylish, cozy and stunning, this TV bed can easily house a 32” flat screen television (depth 8 cms). TV storage and release mechanism is controlled by a touch of a button on the remote control that’s included in the pack. Impressive fabric upholstery and mattress options make this unit a great value-add to the home.

Available Dimensions: UK King, Super King


2. Maximus TV Bed

maximus tv bed

Packed with an unbelievable mix of multi-media technology and plush comfort, Maximus, finished in white leather, a high padded headboard, sleek footboard, slatted and sprung base is a great buy for those who wish to indulge in hi-end luxuries.

Outfitted with remotely controlled 3D surround sound, 8 in-built speakers, HD sound bar and a smart multifunction hub with USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and AUX port for headphones, one’s TV viewing experience is definitely bound to transform. This bed can accommodate a 40-inch LED widescreen TV (max depth 5.5cm), and has ample storage beneath the mattress for DVD players and other gadgets.

Available Dimensions: Super King


3. Sienna TV Bed

sienna tv bed

Done up in eye-catching yet soothing black faux leather, with neatly designed head and footboards, and a slatted base, this bed offers a neat blend of luxury and technology. A wireless handset is used to control the display and storage of the LED/LCD TV is accommodated into the footboard. This unit can hold a 32” TV with ease; depth of storage, however, is limited to 5.5 cms.

Available Dimensions: Standard UK King


4. Concert TV Bed

concert tv bed

In addition to the plush faux leather finish, the Concert has headrests built into the headboard for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The footboard as usual is designed to hold a 32” LED/LCD TV (5.5 cm depth), which can be raised via remote operation. The entire unit is controlled using an infrared wireless remote.

Entertainment and connectivity options supported by the Concert TV bed are quite impressive. Salient features that grab our attention include compatibility with MP3 players and all personal digital gadgets from Apple, 2.1 surround sound and support for wireless audio streaming.

Available Dimensions: Double, King, Super King.


5. LPD Furniture Manhattan TV Double Bed

manhattan tv bed

This impressive faux leather piece is likely to be the focal point of the bedroom, especially when it can house a 32” LED/LCD TV (7 cm depth) in the plush footboard. The television set can be released from the hidden store and put back using a remote-controlled hydraulic electric mechanism.

Available Dimensions: Double, King, Super King.


6. Julian Bowen Optika TV Bed

julian bowen tv bed

The Julian Bowen bed is a neat and simple piece with faux leather finish, and ample functional storage spaces to neatly tuck away a flat TV at the footboard and other accessories along the side rails. The TV lift mechanism is remote-controlled.


7. New York Pneumatic TV Bed

new york tv bed

This sleek, yet stunning piece, finished in faux leather, is fitted with an integrated foot space that can comfortably accommodate a 28” LED/LCD TV (5.5 cm depth) weighing up to 7 kg. An in-built push-button release mechanism is used to store and retrieve the TV. Design features include a high headboard offering excellent support for TV-viewing and a slim-line footboard, plus a wooden-slatted flat surface to ensure a good rest.

Available Dimensions: 4ft6 Double, 5ft King


8. Windermere TV Bed

This is a stylish and opulent leather Ottoman TV bed that is best suited for those who already have and wish to spruce up their bedrooms with a 40” flat television to personalize their TV viewing. With remotely controllable TV storage and retrieval mechanism fitted into the footboard, and extra storage space beneath the mattress, this unit offers a good blend of form and function.

Available Dimensions: King


There are a host of choices when it comes to TV beds, right from the size of the TV, storage and release mechanisms to the style and size of the bed itself and its finish. From simple and sleek to the most opulent of options, TV beds are an ultimate luxury definitely worth investing, provided the choice is right.

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