There is no piece of jewellery in the world that carries as heavy a message and vulnerability as an engagement ring does.

It’s the ring that says “I love you”, and that “I want to spend the rest of my life with you at my side”, as well as the million dollar question, “Will you marry me?”. It’s also a ring that will likely be worn and cherished for a lifetime, so it’s important that you choose a ring that you like, but that your bride-to-be will love as well.

This is a very exciting time for you, but it can also be a very overwhelming one. There is an almost limitless range of options on the market, which doesn’t make the decision any easier, so hopefully we can lend a hand and at least provide some inspiration or indication of where to from here.

Silver vintage engagement ring

If you’ve landed on this page you must have at least some notion of considering a vintage engagement ring. Whilst an antique engagement ring specifically refers to a ring that’s over 50 years old, a vintage, or “vintage-style” engagement ring is typically a ring which has been crafted to look older than its modern counterparts, and may feature older-diamonds.

Vintage rings carry a certain soul and charm, and tend to be considered more unique. Whilst a classic or modern engagement ring tends to have an understated band with the center diamond as the stand-out attraction, vintage rings often feature more elaborate craftsmanship.

We’ve included twenty of our favourite vintage-style engagement rings below, which cater to a number of taste preferences, styles and budgets. Also keep in mind that these settings that we’ve recommended are just a starting point. For most of the following suggestions you can customise the setting metal and also the shape, size and clarity of the center diamond.

A couple of questions to keep in mind:

  • For practical reasons: Think about her daily routine and work, will a larger diamond and raised center-piece be impractical?
  • When picking the colour: Think about her other jewellery, does she particularly favour white, yellow or rose gold jewellery?
  • In choosing the style: Think about her personal tastes and personality, will she prefer something subtle, understated, and classy, or a statement piece that’s unique and bold?

#1 14K Antique Bezel and Pavé Set Engagement Ring

Engagement ring

This elegant and understated ring showcases a number of round-shaped diamonds in a gorgeous display of bezel and pavé settings. Available in white gold, platinum or yellow gold, this setting will accentuate the center diamond or gemstone of your choice.

#2 Pavé and Rose Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 2

This pavé diamond ring with rose gold detailing is absolutely timeless. The setting is available in 14 or 18K white gold, or platinum and can be customised to fit a round, princess cut, asscher or cushion-shaped diamond. We absolutely love how the asscher diamond looks in this ring.

#3 14K Art Deco Geometric Diamond Engagement Ring

Art deco engagement ring

This art deco geometric setting makes for a breathtaking, statement ring. The geometric halo with pavé side shank is stunning, but will not detract from the centre-piece diamond. The setting can be customised to house either a round or princess cut diamond, but we love the way the geometric halo compliments the round diamond.

#4 Fanciful Fluted Pear Pavé Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 4

This is one of our favourites. A center diamond of your choice, between round, princess cut or cushion-shaped, is hugged by two fluted pear-shaped diamonds set in a shimmering pavé band. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum are all available as customisable options for this setting depending on your sweetheart’s preference . Our choice of diamonds for this setting is the cushion-shaped.


Engagement ring 5

This split shank knife-edged ring features 0.73 carats of pavé set diamonds. The ring can be customised with white, yellow, rose gold or platinum settings and beautifully houses a round-shaped center diamond.


Princess engagement ring

This ring showcases a number of princess-cut diamonds absolutely beautifully. Suspended in between pavé bridges, the brilliance of the princess diamonds can be appreciated from every angle. Whilst available in white gold and platinum settings, we think that the yellow and rose gold options provide a breathtaking contrast. The center diamond can also be customised, and can be either a princess shaped diamond as well, or cushion or round shaped.


Engagement ring 7

Perfectly proportioned, this rose-gold milgrain and pavé setting boasts a center diamond flanked by beautiful kite shaped diamonds. Absolutely dazzling, this vintage ring makes for a very special and unique showpiece. The center diamond can be selected from cushion shaped, princess-cut or round-shaped.


Knot engagement ring

This ring features a love knot design with a one-sided, asymmetric halo and swirl shank. Slightly daring and incredibly romantic, the setting can be chosen from platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold and can fit either a round or princess-cut diamond.


Engagement ring 9

Whilst the round shaped diamond with pavé outline is definitely the center of attention in this beautiful setting, the band itself is exquisitely hand-engraved in a unique and intricate design. Available in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold.


Engagement ring 10

This vintage inspired fleur de lis ring is accented with diamonds, beading and milgrain. The setting is available in a full choice of platinum, white, yellow or rose gold and fits a round-shaped center diamond. For something that little bit more unique, this ring looks absolutely breathtaking when the center diamond is replaced by a gemstone.

#11 Hand Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 11

This ring is intricately and exquisitely hand-engraved in a delicate motif which provides a perfect setting to showcase a center diamond of your choice. Available in either platinum or white gold this is a beautifully understated ring.

#12 Pear Shape & Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 12

This stunning engagement ring features two pear-shaped diamonds flanking the ceter diamond, with pavé diamonds stretching around the side of the band. Set in elegant white gold, a subtle sparkle is extended to the center diamond.

#13 Flora Vida® Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 13

A breathtaking show-stopper, this platinum engagement ring showcases a center diamond by surrounding it with a stunning, floral motif of pavé-set diamonds. Attention grabbing, but full of class.

#14 eiros® Tendril Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 14

Each of these diamond engagement rings are hand-crafted with this lavish and intricate designs and set in 14k white gold. As well as the center diamond, two round diamonds are also set within the head, and pavé-set diamonds extend along the ring; A truly unique beauty.

#15 Hand Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 15

Similar to an above ring in white and platinum gold, this ring is intricately and exquisitely hand-engraved in a delicate motif which provides a perfect setting to showcase a center diamond of your choice. Stunning in yellow gold, this is a beautifully understated ring.

#16 Monique Lhuillier Three-Stone Halo Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 16

One of the more elaborate rings we’re featuring, this three stone beauty features two deep-blue sapphires wrapped with a halo of pavé-set diamonds in a jaw-dropping center-piece. More pavé-set diamonds extend around the ring. This setting is only available in platinum and fits a round-shaped center diamond.

#17 Marquise Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 17

Delicate in design, this engagement ring showcases micropavé-set diamonds which frame a stunning Marquise-cut diamond in a clarity of your choice. This ring is available in platinum, or in either 14k or 18k white gold.

#18 Vintage Hexagon Halo Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 18

Yet another gorgeously unique ring, this hexagonal setting showcases pavé-set diamonds in a halo design and your choice of centre, round-shaped diamond. The manufacturer makes a note that inventory on this style is limited to stock and sizes on hand. This ring is available in platinum.

#19 Three Stone Milgrain Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring 19

For a lady that likes a bit of extra sparkle in her style, this eye-catching three-stone ring might be just the ticket. It showcases an exquisite array of round diamonds pavé-set in 14k white gold. The manufacturer notes that inventory on this style is limited to stock and sizes on hand.

#20 Heirloom Petite Cathedral Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Gold silver engagement ring

Elegant, understated and carrying an air of vintage style, this diamond engagement ring setting features pavé-set diamonds in a delicate platinum milgrain design to frame your centre diamond. This setting provides a lot of flexibility with the shape of the center diamond being fully customisable and also being available in platinum, white or yellow gold. In this ring, the center diamond truly is the star and your personal touches will really shine bright.

Image Credit: Kelly B

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