In October, the Grand Designs Live expo came to Melbourne and Qosy was given a ticket. The expo was full of creative and innovative concept designs and products, but there were a couple of concepts which were so impressive, we simply had to share them with you:

1. Sustainable Landscape Design

One of the most impressive concept pieces at the expo was a sustainable landscape design by Ryan Young.


Whilst you may not guess by looking at the design, almost every element in the display (except the ceramic plant pots and the tea pots) are re-claimed and recycled.

This is Ryan’s signature, creating spectacular and unique landscape pieces that have minimal impact on the environment, little if any waste, and working hand in hand with nature, not against her.

Sick of the disposable nature of modern society, Ryan is inspired by the desire to have a beautiful planet left for his young daughter when she grows up, and for her children after her. Ryan loves finding character and a second use for products, using re-cycled goods to create a sustainable, durable, one-of-a-kind and beautiful design.

Having worked in horticulture for 25 years, Ryan works in all areas of landscaping, from backyard ponds and habitat creation, to vertical and edible walls (like in the design pictured above).

A long term goal sees Ryan expanding his business to interiors and building/construction, providing consumers with the option of getting an entire home conceptualised and realised with a minimal footprint.

2. Books as Art

This has got to be one of my favourite design concepts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.07.09 pm

We all have that favourite book, that we can read over and over again. Yet despite its importance in our lives, a favourite book is something that is kept closed except when we’re physically reading it. This concept from Spineless Classics changes that by re-imagining how people think of books, not only as stories, but as expressions and art.

The posters vary in size depending on the length of the book they’re depicting. The entire book is printed on the poster in 8 pt font, which is perfectly legible with 20/20 vision.

These posters are a beautiful addition to a child’s bedroom, or to a reading or lounge room, and make an absolutely stunning and personal gift.

3. Design as Play

Ruth Czermak brought fun back to garden design and outdoor spaces by utilising the concept of design as play.


Ruth displayed two concept gardens, “Lush concept garden”; which was inspired primarily from the disconnection that today’s children have from nature, and the “Playpolitan garden”; which was inspired by the need for something modular and contemporary, but still with play elements.

The ‘Playpolitan’ garden is a space which could be located in many urban courtyards. It is a space that could be created in an area surrounded by walls, with limited access and weight restrictions – for instance on a roof or balcony area. It could be a rented apartment where items need to be removable.


In her own words, Playpolitan is a garden design for the funky young couple, perhaps the new parents who aren’t ready to leave the city lifestyle behind, whereas Lush is a garden for the parents who have thrown up their hands, embraced their position and moved out to the suburbs.

“I believe that play is about exploration, imagination and wonder, spontaneity, discovery and creativity – really thinking about and testing something is the main goal. For example, when my daughter played in the Lush garden she manipulated the items to create a house for a fairy and moved the small table and chairs inside the house so that they could sit there out of the rain and sun. She then created a field for the little sheep and started to pick some herbs for them to eat.

“Our work is underpinned by a strong philosophy of encouraging the connection of children to nature. We feel it is important to provide children with opportunities to play and interact with the natural environment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these opportunities have to be in a totally natural environment—they can also be provided in a totally constructed garden. “

4. Bespoke Space Saving Staircases

An efficient and creative spin on the traditional stair, Enzie’s space saving spiral staircases are a versatile design which can be created bespoke for any home, in any style.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.16.32 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.16.28 pm

The inspiration for the business came over 40 years ago, when the current MD, Bryan MacKenzie, was working for a large steel production company when he purchased a property with a basement he wanted to convert into a storage space. With no company seeming to be able to fit a staircase in which would give him access between the basement and the ground floor, Bryan decided to design and build his own. Needless to say, word spread and soon the solo project turned into an ongoing side project and within no time at all, Enzie Spiral Stairs was born. Bryan, now in his 70’s, is still actively involved in the design, production and installation of the stairs.

We love how Enzie have turned the humble and awkward staircase into a stunning design element to be showcased in any home.

5. Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.22.56 pm

This two-part design was one of the first displays I saw at the show, and I immediately fell in love with the idea of using outdoor concepts, inside.

The part on the left is my favourite of the two. Not only is the fire pit space a statement in itself, but it brings the cosiness and intimacy of a campfire setting right into your lounge room. The fire pit uses ethanol flames, which turn into water vapour and requires no ventilation or installation, and is as cost effective to maintain as standard gas heating (with the benefit and aesthetic of an open flame).

I also love how in their second space, they’ve utilised tree branches and strung them from the ceiling as a wall-piece and shelving unit. There’s something about the unprocessed wood which juxtaposes the interior setting beautifully.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below.

Aisha Kellaway
Aisha Kellaway
Co-Founder & Chief Editor of Qosy. You can follow Aisha Kellaway on Google+.
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    Great article! I love the glass stairway and the sustainable design ; it reminds me a bit of Six Senses Phuket 🙂

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