There’s nothing like a water feature to add that something extra to a garden display, deck or patio, yet there’s so many out there to choose from! We did the hard work for you, bringing what we think are 15 of the best self contained garden water features and fountains. Whether you’re going for modern class, or whether your garden of roses screams vintage, we’ve found a wide range of quality water features and fountains that fit all the bills.

1. Ambiente Fairy On A Clam Shell Water Feature

Bring a touch of magic to your garden with this gorgeous, aged bronze, verdigris effect fountain. Made from durable and frost resistant poly-resin, this fountain re-circulates water from the shell, making it self contained, and also has the capacity to be solar powered with the addition of a 180lph Solar Pump Kit.
Watch the water flow from the flower in the fairy’s hands back into the shell she’s perched on. An adorable addition to any garden, after all – every garden needs a bit fairy dust.

Height: 78cm (30.7 inches), Width: 75cm (29.5 inches), Depth: 71cm (28 inches)


2. Rock Waterfall Garden Fountain with LED Lights

For a more natural design, this three-tiered, realistic looking rock water feature is perfect. Ideal for use on a patio, or outside, this water fountain will enhance the serenity of any home or garden space. The feature is individually handcrafted from resin and fibreglass with a natural rock finish. All water is recycled within the feature and the speed of flow can be altered with five settings to choose from.
LED lighting makes this fountain a stunning feature-piece in any garden, both day and night.

Height: 61 cm (24 inches), Width: 46 cm (18 inches), Depth: 38cm (15 inches)

rock water fountain

3. Solar Powered Wishing Well Water Fountain

A wishing well design makes a quaint addition to any floral garden space. This fountain is 100% solar powered, with solar panels mounted in the roof. The fountain is made out of frost resistant and UV stable resin, in a wood and stone effect. An adorable bird is attached to the bucket of the wishing well, adding another element of character to the design.
Designed for outdoor use in direct sunlight, the solar powered water feature won’t cost you a penny once it’s installed and can run all year round.

Height: 74 cm (29.1 inches), Diameter: 31.5 cm (12.4 inches)

wishing well

4. Whiskey Barrel Classic Fountain

This rustic whiskey barrel fountain is an easy way to add a classic touch to your garden or outdoor living space. Made from durable and watertight polyresin, the fountain won’t deteriorate from varied weather conditions and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The submersible utility pump is oil free and energy efficient.

Height: 58 cm (23 inches), Width: 58 cm (23 inches), Depth: 33 cm (13 inches)

whiskey barrel

5. Ceramic Solar Cascading Fountain

This solar powered water fountain is made from green ceramic with a bamboo leaf design. It is powered by a separate solar panel and assisted by a low voltage water pump with filter. As the water feature continually recycles the same water, it is completely self contained.
Add some rocks or water plants to the water bowl at the bottom to spruce the feature up even more.
Durable and lightweight, this water fountain is an absolute gem, a unique addition to your serene garden.

Height: 43 cm (16.9 inches), Width: 43 cm (16.9 inches), Depth: 26 cm (10.2 inches)

ceramic solar fountain

6. Granite Rock Waterfall Fountain

This realistic rock waterfall is a stunning feature to add to your garden or outdoor space. Energy efficient LED lights are fitted to provide a shimmering effect through the cascading waterfall in the evening. The fountain is made from weather resistant resin and fibreglass and won’t deteriorate from varied weather conditions. The materials also mean that the feature has the natural aesthetics of granite rocks, with the durability of fibreglass.
A quiet and adjustable-flow water pump is included which recycles the water in the fountain, making it easy to install and maintain.

Since each water fountain is hand crafted, the shape, texture and colour can vary between models.

Height: 83 cm (35 inches), Width: 63.5 cm (25 inches), Depth: 58 cm (20 inches)

granite rock waterfall

7. Five Tier Cascade Water Feature

This Five tier resin water feature is designed to look like stone. Self contained, there’s no need for an external water supply and for ease of location the feature comes with a 10 metre cable and pump included.

LED lights within the feature provide a beautiful subtle glow to the feature which looks stunning at night. The resin is weatherproof, making this a sound choice for the harsher climates without needing to cover the feature or move it indoors.

Height: 101cm (39.7 inches), Width: 62cm (24.4 inches) and Depth: 68cm (26.7 inches).

5 tier water feature

8. Four Tier Oil Jar Cascade Water Feature

This four tiered polyresin cascading water feature resembles tipped and cracked oil jars on a pile of wood. With a self contained water supply and white LED lights which produce a blue glow, the feature can be enjoyed day or night and there is no need for a separate water supply.
Better still, the resin is both UV and Frost proof, so it can last outside all year long, however the feature is also appropriate to be displayed indoors as well.

Height: 81cm (31.9 inches), Width: 80cm (31.5 inches), Depth: 38cm (15 inches)

oil jars

9. Sycamore Springs Fountain

This nature inspired moss covered piece is also crafted from highly durable resin in a stone/wood effect. Completely self contained with LEDs, there is no need for a separate water supply, simply connect the feature to a power supply and you’re ready to go. Whilst durable, it is recommended in the harsher winter months to either cover the feature, or empty and bring inside.

Height: 55cm (21.75 inches), Width: 41cm (16.25 inches), Depth: 32cm (12.5 inches)

sycamore springs

10. Tranquility Fountain

For a more contemporary look, this tranquility fountain is crafted from resin-stone and is hand finished. Easy to install, the fountain is perfect for any garden, deck or patio area. LED lights are also featured in the silver globe, bringing the fountain to life at night. Although durable, it is recommended that the fountain is placed in storage or covered through the winter.

Height: 47cm (18.5 inches), Width: 45cm (17.7 inches), Depth: 27cm (10.6 inches)

tranquility fountain

11. Blagdon Affinity Pool – Halfmoon or Octagon

This water feature is sure to be a favourite with guests and kids. Doubling as your own aquarium, this infinity pool is manufactured from high quality rattan and rust proof aluminium. Solar integrated LED spotlight enables the water feature to be enjoyed day and night with little energy required. This living water feature pool has been designed specifically for successful fish keeping and water gardening.
Three fountain heads are included to choose between, and the half moon design comes with a stylish Rill Waterfall feature as shown in the image on the left below. The viewing windows ensure that there will never be a dull moment.

Height: 60cm (23.6 inches), Width: 100cm (39.3 inches), Depth: 70cm (27.5 inches)


12. Kyoto Three Bowl Cascade Lit Water Feature

This low voltage water feature makes a beautiful and relaxing addition to either traditional or contemporary garden. Sitting half a meter tall, the feature is contained and water is recycled as it cascades down the three tiers of bowls.

Child and pet safe, the feature is made from durable resin-stone and features LED lights to bring the feature to life at night.

Height: 49cm (19.2 inches), Width: 31.5cm (12.4 inches), Depth: 29cm (11.4 inches)

3 bowl

13. Ambiente Elizabethan 3 Tier Fountain Water Feature

This Elizabethan Fountain makes a stunning addition to any traditional garden display. The fountain is fully self contained and comes with 10m cable for ease of location. The Fountain is made from poly-resin and given a beautiful antique ivory finish.

Height: 98cm (38.6 inches), Width: 57cm (22.4 inches), Depth: 57cm (22.4 inches), Base Width 28cm (11 inches)


14. Blossoming Buddha Water Feature With Lights

This bronze effect buddha water feature is made from UV and Frost resistant poly-resin making it a perfect choice regardless of the climate. The low voltage LED lights change colour, providing a calming effect when you watch the water flow from the lotus flower, through Buddha’s hands into the pool of water encircled by the blossoming flower base. A little touch of the East to create your own meditative retreat in the sanctity of own home.
Fully self contained, the feature doesn’t need a separate water supply, simply plug it to a power outlet and fill with water.

Height: 57cm (22.5 inches), Width: 36cm (14.25 inches), Depth: 36cm (14.25 inches)


15. Lady Liberty Water Feature – Bronze

This classy lady liberty water-feature is crafted from 100% poly-resin and is both UV and Frost resistant, making it the perfect addition to your garden, regardless of the time of year. The bronze statue features a lady pouring water from an urn and LED lights light up the water, adding to the beauty of the display.
With no need of an external water supply/reservoir, this water feature ticks all the boxes.

Height: 125cm (49.2 inches) Width: 40cm (15.7 inches) Depth: 50cm (19.7 inches)

lady liberty

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