Lazy Susans are the ideal dumb waiters of the catering industry and undoubtedly one of the best buy hostessing decisions it’s possible to make. The turntable device on Lazy Susans means they are great for catering any meals that feature shared dishes. The fact that any Lazy Susan is portable means tables for your shared dish meals can be set easily no matter whether you’re hosting a BBQ on a warm summer evening or preparing for a more formal evening meal in the dining room.

Take a look at some of the most stylish Lazy Susans currently available to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

1. Orvis Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

orvis wine barrel

This attractive wood Lazy Susan is uniquely handcrafted from a wine barrel top and features a genuine vintner’s stamp. Each Orvis Wine Barrel Lazy Susan is wrapped in a metal wine barrel band, made from pine wood which has been finished with chestnut stain and lacquered to create a durable surface that will provide years of use. The dimensions of the Lazy Susan are 4″(H) x 23″(Diameter). Custom laser engraving of your Lazy Susan means it will be a unique and attractive addition to the dining table.

2. Old River Road Wine Cask Lazy Susan

old river road

The Old River Road Lazy Susan is an alternative wine cask choice that will appeal to homeowners who enjoy adding a rustic touch to dining decor. This beautiful artisan-finished Lazy Susan is completed to a high standard with butcher block oil and beeswax, ensuring your guests will be charmed by its olde worlde appearance. The Old River Road Lazy Susan is ideal for serving appetizers, fruits and snacks any time of day and will complement any country or rural decorations.

3. A Toast to Life Lazy Susan from Southern Heart Studio

a toast to life

This handmade solid wood Lazy Susan features words and illustrations carved directly into the maple plywood. These limited edition collectibles are 15″ in diameter and produced in batches of just 50, so you can be sure your Lazy Susan won’t appear on any other dining table any time soon. The carved designs are finished with a variety of different colour acrylic paints for added beauty, and these Lazy Susans make attractive decorative features when not in use on the dining table. You can source a wide selection of alternative designs when you check out the complete range of Lazy Susans from Southern Heart Studio.

4. Native Trails Copper Lazy Susan

native trails

This is a large, 30″ diameter Lazy Susan that’s ideal for serving a mixed dinner party. The Lazy Susan is fabricated from recycled copper and hammered by hand to create a beautiful and elegant table decoration that’s equally at home outdoors when you dine al fresco. Copper has a unique beauty of its own and creates a wonderful visual impression. Different sizes are available from Native Trail, so you can opt for the Lazy Susan best suited to your hostess requirements.

5. Cast Aluminium Elisabeth Lazy Susan

cast aluminium

The beauty of this elegant Lazy Susan lies in the intricate design and ease with which the turntable rotates. The Elisabeth Lazy Susan features five powder coat finishes, ensuring it’s a perfect choice for outdoor catering. The optional use of an umbrella in the centre will keep foods protected from bugs while you’re dining.

6. Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit

wine cork lazy susan

You can make your own Lazy Susan with this mahogany-based kit. You just need to fill the centre of your Lazy Susan with wine corks, as a memento of parties of the past. Top off your creation with the Plexiglas surface and you have a unique serving accessory to impress friends and family. This Lazy Susan features a set of eight feet, to keep your table and counter tops protected at all times.

7. Walnut, solid wood Lazy Susan

walnut wood lazy susan

If you appreciate the high quality of walnut wood, the 36″ Lazy Susan from Exotic Savannah Wood Works is an excellent choice. This elegant Lazy Susan is handmade from natural Appalachian black walnut and hand rubbed for a waterproof poly finish. Despite the larger size of the product, it’s extremely functional with a low profile base which ensures ease of spin motion.

Aria Authell
Aria Authell
Aria is the assistant editor for the Qosy blog. Based in Barcelona, Aria enjoys writing about luxury travel, homeware, and of course, food and wine.
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