As far as luxury items are concerned, even stationery is not exempt; whether writing the next great American novel or signing the latest in a long line of lucrative business agreements, you’re going to want a pen that makes a statement of grandeur to match your ambitions. Mont Blanc are a German pen manufacturer who offer some truly sophisticated writing implements, easily distinguishable by the floating logo in the cap. They are the ideal accessory for those who value luxury right down to the most minute details, and here we take a look at seven of the best Mont Blanc pens that are currently available.

1. Starwalker Ballpoint – Red Gold-Plated | List Price: $900

starwalker 1

What we really love about Mont Blanc’s pens is the feeling of sheer elegance and ability to blend timeless design with modern styling. This pen represents a modern take on Mont Blanc’s values; The innovative surface with diamond-cut lines is presented in a red gold finish in black matte lacquer. A characteristic clip design and the floating Montblanc emblem combine to create a unique, but timeless design.


2. StarWalker Ballpoint – Midnight Black | List Price: $320.00

starwalker 2

Next up on the list is another entry in the StarWalker series; a slightly more low-key model, this pen exudes an understated elegance. Featuring midnight black styling; the precious resin construction brings a real duality of style and practicality to your desk with a design that is both beautiful and long-lasting. With a ruthenium-plated clip and fittings providing a smart silver contrast, this remarkable executive ballpoint is ideal for bringing a touch of class to your everyday writings.


3. Meisterstruck Le Grand Ballpoint | List Price: $410.00

meisterstruck twist

For those desiring a traditional twist-mechanism ball-point, this classic black and gold-plated piece may be just the ticket. Three gold-plated rings are adorned with the company name, and the similarly plated clip carries a unique serial number confirming the legitimacy of the product.


4. StarWalker Mystery Fineliner | List Price: $470.00

starwalker mystery

The next entry on our list is another representative from the ever-impressive StarWalker range. With a design that errs more on the side of esoteric than many of the other examples seen here, the Mystery serves to emphasise the versatility and creative mindset of Mont Blanc as a manufacturer. Coupling an eye-catching design with the quality craftsmanship and superior inking typical of a Mont Blanc pen, the Mystery is certain to spark a conversation with anyone who happens to catch a glance of it.


5. Cruise Collection Ballpoint | List Price: $225.00

cruise collection

Slightly cheaper than the others listed here but no less dazzling for it, this bright and stylish ballpoint combines a diamond white design with sophisticated platinum plating to create an overall look that finds elegance in the ostentatious; this is the ideal pen for those who want everyone to know that they have a taste for the finer things. The price might be lower but this does not compromise on the quality, as you’ll still find that trademark Mont Blanc level of construction (the colour may have changed, but it’s still a precious resin chassis) and performance here.


6. Diva Princesse Grace de Monaco Rollerball | List Price: $825.00


Oh my. Those two words, we feel, are a pretty apt summation of the impact of this simply beautiful piece. The deep purple design certainly lends a regal feeling to a pen that is princesse in both name and nature, whilst the champagne gold plating offers a wonderful contrast for a look that marries vibrancy with refined sensibilities. The clip is adorned with a mother-of-pearl that is a literal jewel in the crown of one of Mont Blanc’s most legitimately luxurious offerings. If there was ever a pen fit for genuine royalty, this is most assuredly it.


7. Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Fountain | List Price: $730.00

montblanc plat fountain

It would be remiss of us to publish this entire list without drawing your attention to at least one fountain pen, and so this showcase of some of Mont Blanc’s finest is closed out with the Meisterstuck Le Grand. Fountain pens have that certain je nais ses quois that just adds an extra layer of sophistication to anything written with them. When the pen doing the writing is one with a design as gracefully simple as this then that impact is magnified tenfold. The sleek midnight black is put to work here, with a minimum amount of platinum plating to ensure that the eyes are drawn solely to the nib; each Le Grand Platinum also carries an individual serial number on the clip as an assurance of legitimacy, although the quality of both design and manufacture should already make it abundantly clear that you’re dealing with a Mont Blanc. If you’re looking to impress, then it may also be worth looking at the premium, 100th-anniversary edition of the Meisterstruck.


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