A mirror provides a lot more than your simple reflection. Hung in the home, a mirror can work as a piece of art, and can also function to brighten and open up a room. We’ve searched and found 16 beautiful mirrors with ornate frames. Whether looking for contemporary or traditional designs, there should be something for your home.

1. Large Golden Baroque Standing Wall Mirror:

This stunning golden baroque mirror is traditionally designed with an intricately carved outer frame. Standing 190cm tall and 90cm wide it would make a perfect addition to an entry hall or bedroom.

baroque standing gold

2. Golden Leaf, Wooden Mirror:

This wall mirror features a distinctive, hand-carved wooden frame. The design is elaborate yet elegant, making the mirror a perfect piece of art for a blank wall.

gold leaf wooden mirror

3. Artisanti Claridge Art Deco Round Mirror:

This art deco round mirror features a grand, grecian design with a central, circular mirror surrounded by a geometric display of mirrored arms. The mirror stands over a metre wide and will make a statement on any modern wall.

art deco round

4. Bronze Inferno Wall Mirror:

This bronzed inferno mirror creates an illusion of light and space which will both brighten and open your living space. When hung the frame reaches 95cm by 95cm and will work wonderfully in smaller and darker rooms.


5. Queen Ann Mirror

This simple yet sophisticated oval mirror features a carved wooden frame etched with vintage designs and finished with four antique gold leaves. We love the gold frame, yet the mirror comes with both silver and black frames as well.

queen ann

6. Vintage Rose Mirror

This vintage rose mirror looks as if it has been stolen direct from the romantic era. The frame is made from polyresin with soft green and gold hues, and faux pearl and diamonds embedded in its beautiful design.

vintage rose

7. Harvest Round Mirror

This hand finished, ornate mirror features a scrolled frame with black edge and finished in silver. A more contemporary addition to your home.

harvest mirror

8. Gaudi Mirror

Make a statement with this contemporary Gaudi wall mirror. The mirror stands over 2 meters high and over a meter wide and its silver finish looks fantastic against dark or bold coloured walls.


9. Ornate Gray Green Full Length Leaner Mirror

This ornate Victorian Mirror has been crafted with compressed hardwood and cast urethane. Standing close to 2.2 metres tall, this large mirror works magic in opening up a room whether hung or used as a floor mirror. The frame has been hand painted with a golden ivory finish with a grey wash and antiqued gold leaf details which combine to result in a rich, grey-green hue.

floor mirror large on brick

10. Gold Glitter Tree Wall Mirror

Bring some sparkle to your home with this gold glitter tree wall mirror. Hand finished with liquid glass and Swarovski crystals, no two of these designs are the same making this contemporary piece truly a unique piece of art, perfect for any room.

glitter tree

11. Gold Wooden Carved Mirror with Marble Cherubs:

This mirror is set within an intricately carved gold wooden frame. Whether hung or set upon a mantle or dressing table, this piece adds elegance and charm to any traditional, classic style home. Four marble cherubs are featured at the top of the frame, adding more complexity to this stunning stand-out piece.


12. Contessa Rectangular Mirror

This piece features an ornate venetian-styled mirrored frame. We think this piece looks best against bright walls in a contemporary home. With no block frame the mirror truly lightens and opens a room.

venetian mirror frame

13. Large Half Round Silver Baroque Mirror:

This half round silver baroque mirror makes a real eye-catching piece. The frame has been crafted from wood and polyresin and is ornately designed and carved. This piece would make a great addition to a hallway.

half round

14. Classic Solid Wood Mirror

This piece is a reproduction of an antique mirror of the same design. Crafted in Italy from solid wood, this stand-out mirror features golden leaves and rich red flowers inlaid into its frame. This piece works best standing alone on a blank wall for maximum effect.

red and gold

15. Thames Mirror

This rectangular mirror is crafted in a traditional design, its wooden frame ornately decorated with leaves, scrolls and flourishes and finished in antiqued bronze. A simple yet timeless addition to any room in your home.

Thames mirror

16. Cordova Scatter Mirrors, set of 5

These scatter mirrors can be hung to create a stunning feature wall. 5 complimentary, yet different designs all feature a gorgeous silver leave finish and can be hung either portrait or landscape.
We recommend scattering on an empty wall in the living room, or along a wall bordering a staircase.

scatter mirrors

Aisha Kellaway
Aisha Kellaway
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